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Monday, 5 January 2015

Nicki-James Shepherd updated his status

I'm sorry people but I've got to tell you this, this Facebook copyright status people keep copying and pasting is fake. The passage of text symbolises nothing and does not, and will not affect your rights. If your that worried about your rights when it comes to copyright and intellectual property then I recommend you go and read Facebooks 'Terms and Conditions' which, you all agreed to. If you don't agree with facebooks Terms then perhaps Facebook isn't the platform for you, remember that you can leave the network if you feel your privacy or your content rights are being violated. In short Facebook isn't claming to own your content, Its your content and Facebook acknowledges that. Just remember though that at the end of the day if you share something on Facebook then your making it public on their network. If you want something to remain private then don't share it on Facebook! Facebook doesn't want to claim the rights to your content, but remember that by posting something to Facebook your storing that content on their servers. Facebook does collect data for marketing purposes but they are in no way claiming ownership to the content you post.